Though the bulk of my output right now is audiovisual media, I do write articles as well.

Below are the links to articles, with the most recent at the top.

For the The Why?  articles, a series of nine foundational essays that lay out a framework for my perspective, please click here.


Regular Articles List:

Rock ‘n’ Roll & The European Soul | Expanded, published on Counter-Currents (Dec 2018), and SCUM Media (July 2020)

The Prosperity Paradox- Escaping Apathy | Originally posted on this site when it started, August 2017. Published by New Agora online journal, January 2020.

Last Message to the West contest overview | Published digitally on Counter-Currents and Defend Evropa and in print in WPQ, Issue #2, Fall/Winter 2019/2020

Überfolk: Music for Nations | Album review, Published on Counter-Currents

American Autopsy: That Esquire Article | Originally published on Republic Standard. After that site was banned, the article was re-published on The Anatomically Correct Banana

White New Deal

On Yule and Millenniyule | Published on Counter-Currents

Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt

Rock ‘n’ Roll & The European Soul | Published in Europa Sun magazine, Issue 4

Euro Migrant Crisis Fact Report | Published on Defend Evropa (also appears on this site)

Recognizing the Genuine in Public Figures (and Yourself)

Shadow of the Rose: The War on Love

The Mainstream and The Fringes

Thrice Born- Beyond Self Becoming Published in Mythic Dawn magazine, Issue 1