Halloween Poetry Reading: The Erl-King

Direct YouTube Link A dark poem for this time of year based on Scandinavian and Germanic folklore.  Originally composed by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in 1782, this version is the English translation by Sir Walter Scott.  This was my entry for the poetry reading contest held on Carolyn Emerick’s 2018 Halloween Livestream Extravaganza.  Snippet taken from my live reading during the stream at around 3:21:50: -More … Continue reading Halloween Poetry Reading: The Erl-King

Our Britannic Majesty’s Request (Poem)

Sacred, ancient Albion lend your ears to me. Let whispers of the reed stems bleed into fields around me. For language, blood, and spirit draw a bow string and I feel the pull; there something shared. Possess me of your story’s wisdom, a wrestle with love and fleeting calculation. There’s a door somewhere in your grassy web and that’s why the heart and why the … Continue reading Our Britannic Majesty’s Request (Poem)

From This Way to That (Poem)

Perfect squares all laid together prism of a suggested gesture that in our sleep we feign as secret, lulling me down from this way to that. Shapely shards of purest light, contained within a boundary tight backdropped to the velvet black something calls from this way to that. Weaving a tune, all contours, smooth, shapes cascading justly. I hear the sirens’ call in reverse, sussing … Continue reading From This Way to That (Poem)