Exploring Born Guilty | A Special Music Reveal | THE AFTER PARTY Livestream

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A special episode of The After Party wherein the exact moment of the 2018 winter solstice occurred while we were on air.

We reveal an ambitious new music project by a past guest of the show, Philosophicat.

I get Jason to speak at length about the process of conceiving and writing his new opus, several books-within-a-book, Born Guilty.

The book combines real life experiences Jason had growing up and a mytho-poetic imagining of the creation of the European peoples, told in varying literary styles.

Several people thought that Jason had different authors pen the different stories in his book. This is not just another book and the story behind it is not to be missed.

This episode also marked the first time Jason and I appeared on camera together for a livestream (though there were some technical difficulties at times!)