Rock ‘n’ Roll Article Now On SCUM Media

I’m pleased to announce that my article, “Rock ‘n’ Roll & The European Soul,” is now published in a beautiful layout on SCUM Media’s site, the project from Unwashed and Lucy Brown.

Since its first publication in 2018, my deep dive into a complicated music that carries in it so much of the European disposition, yet bears the brunt of much confusion and criticism in our circles, has drawn passionate reactions and rich conversations.

The article ultimately focuses on re-claiming and then bettering what is ours. If anyone has ever tried to argue with you that “rock is not white” due to blues influences etc., it will eviscerate that point of view.

The piece begins thusly:

Rock music’s descent mirrors the recent late-stage decline of confidence in the West.

Yes, rock music is complicated – cue the liberals retorting with, “It’s all just black blues, man!” and certain conservatives contesting, “But it’s degenerate!”

Yes, rock music as a term denotes a very large tent, a river with many tributaries and streams. Warning: Your favorite artist may not be mentioned in this article.

Nevertheless, large swaths of rock ‘n’ roll transmitted threads from prior manifestations of the European temperament: the thunderclap of marauding berserkers, the bittersweet longings of the troubadours, the earthy whimsy of the Romantics, and indeed, the exploratory reach for “infinite space,” the prime symbol of Western man as described by Oswald Spengler. This last notion is expressed in the sheer vastness and enormity of sound in rock music…

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