Much of my output centers around hosting and appearing on livestream shows.

A combination of television and talk radio, these worldwide broadcasts are a powerful 21st century medium for learning, spreading ideas, and building energy.

Livestream shows allow for real time interaction with a chat audience while initially airing, and then are immediately preserved as recordings once finished.

I am thrilled by the amazing connections being created and the ways I have learned and been able to serve.

The After Party |  2019 | 2018 |

The After Party (TAP) is a livestream I host with Jason Köhne of No White Guilt on his YouTube channel.

Our aim is to have wide-ranging, insightful, entertaining talks with figures and content creators of note. This provides the audience with a way to better understand the people we interview.

It also offers means for personal improvement and better ways to defend, understand, experience, and celebrate European civilization and Westernkind, bucking the current mainstream narratives based on destructive lies and distortions.

Shows are announced on our social media profiles, and most often run two hours, sometimes going into “overdrive” for extra time.

Links above are to playlists I’ve organized on my YouTube channel, current year is continually updated.


After Hours |  Link to my YT Playlist |

This format allows Jason of No White Guilt and me to take different approaches to livestreams than we do on The After Party.

After Hours may have multiple guests come in and out, highlight a specified event/topic, or feature more interaction with the audience.

After Hours is generally less planned than an episode of The After Party and can run any length of time as needed.


It’s Late Night Somewhere |  Link to my playlist backed up on BitChute, since most of these streams in early 2019 had aired on my original (deleted) YT channel |

Late night radio-style, unplanned conversations.

This format often elicits a certain intimacy and unguarded insights from participants, as well as the live chat.

Can be hosted on my channel or No White Guilt’s, either or both of us can be present to host.

Can run any length of time as needed.


Appearances | 2019 | 2017-2018 |

Use one playlist to browse livestream episodes and recorded interviews I’ve appeared on, outside of the ones listed above that I host.


Clips from Shows | Archived BitChute Playlist |

Short bits from shows I’ve appeared on, whether as host or guest.