Your Inheritance Interrupted

A powerful testimony from a listener. What used to be a birthright bequeathed by your ancestors and the whole way of being your ethno-culture built in the past is now something we frantically scramble around looking for. Also available on BitChute -Clip where listener “Frau HausMaus” made this comment:   -Painting in thumbnail:  Nathaniel Dance-Holland, The Pybus Family. Circa 1769. Oil on canvas. National Gallery … Continue reading Your Inheritance Interrupted

Deep Halloween: Living a Life Worthy of Remembrance

(Direct YouTube Link) In old Europe, the transition period between the warm growing season and cold winter provided an opportunity to contemplate and honor the dead. So many symbols and rhythms that survive to this day in our holidays, even in shallow and commercialized modern forms, contain and reveal what’s deep in our bones and is begging for us to reconnect with. Our ancestors lived … Continue reading Deep Halloween: Living a Life Worthy of Remembrance