White New Deal

    /or/ We’re Not Gonna Take It! Not that I put much faith in electoral politics…but if the politicians ask, tell them this.  The seven points were composed in conjunction with Twitter account, @WhiteStudentT — Direct YouTube Link  This video is also available on BitChute — Text: Any politician seeking the votes of European-descended peoples (sometimes called white for the sake of ease) must: 1. Ensure … Continue reading White New Deal

Livestream: Horatio of Albion Radio on the Metaphysics of Marxism and More, No White Guilt

Direct YouTube Link Horatio Cary is one half of the Albion Radio podcast, based in England. We speak about the natural order of life that is interrupted and perverted by Marxist. progressive, and ultimately anti-white ideologies, the English identity, and more. He also shares some spot on impersonations! *As of January 2019 this video is temporarily on Private mode because of anti-whites trying to dox and … Continue reading Livestream: Horatio of Albion Radio on the Metaphysics of Marxism and More, No White Guilt

Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt

Direct YouTube Link Also available on BitChute   -Alternate Ways to Shop and vote with your wallet: The I Buy American website compiles American brands. There are other list sites like this out there…   — -The ad:   -JF has stats that refute the mainstream narrative about police singling out black people etc.:   — Article Version: The poisons, the untenable aspects, the imminent danger, of … Continue reading Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt

Appearance on Millenniyule 2017

Direct YouTube Link My chat with Millennial Woes for Millenniyule 2017. The promo leading up to it: Direct YouTube Link —— Interview and Public Appearance Disclaimer: Opinions, thoughts, and views of guests/cohosts of shows on which I appear do not necessarily represent my opinions, thoughts, and views. When an interview is conducted on any platform or channel under my control, the appearance of guests and … Continue reading Appearance on Millenniyule 2017