The Last Blonde (Skype Skit)

  We’re having fun out here. The first in a new venture: comedic skits wrecking mainstream trends, narratives, and assumptions. Take the regime’s ridiculousness and throw that back in its face. I’ve been wanting to create culture jamming material for some time. We need to be on the offensive about these things.   — Featuring Philosophicat & Jared George Written by Jared George Edited by … Continue reading The Last Blonde (Skype Skit)

Jefferson Lee and the European Report | The After Party

Speaking with Jefferson Lee about his trip to Hungary (first time in Europe), what he saw, what it made him reflect on.   Direct YouTube Link     — Interview and Public Appearance Disclaimer Opinions, thoughts, and views of guests/cohosts of shows on which I appear do not necessarily represent my opinions, thoughts, and views. My appearance on other shows/podcasts/channels does not necessarily represent sympathy, … Continue reading Jefferson Lee and the European Report | The After Party