The Great Morgoth | The After Party

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.     ~ Morgoth joins for his first solo TAP appearance. He’d been on the “British Blood” TAP panel special back in July 2018 with Millennial Woes, Laura Towler, and Duke of Durham. Topics included: -The hidden sense of Europeanness that liberals still have in spite of themselves. -Likewise, the regime showing its hand via Hollywood … Continue reading The Great Morgoth | The After Party

The Last Blonde | Skit

*Due to the nature of social media video platforms where I and my colleagues deal with regular censorship and de-personing, please see the Shows and Vids  pages on this site for any updates, especially if you are seeing broken links on this current post. ~ We’re having fun out here. The first in a new venture: comedic skits wrecking mainstream trends, narratives, and assumptions. Take the regime’s ridiculousness and … Continue reading The Last Blonde | Skit

7/25/18 This Week on the Alt Right

  Direct YouTube Link — Interview and Public Appearance Disclaimer Opinions, thoughts, and views of guests/cohosts of shows on which I appear do not necessarily represent my opinions, thoughts, and views.  My appearance on other shows/podcasts/channels does not necessarily represent sympathy, agreement, or endorsement of the thoughts, opinions, views, or manner in which these are expressed by the hosts and guests—past, present, and future—of said … Continue reading 7/25/18 This Week on the Alt Right

Genes and Memes 1: Getting It

(Direct YouTube Link) The first in a series. Some of these thoughts were spurned on by Stefan Molyneux’s “The Unspoken Biology of Culture.” Being part of something goes beyond mere identifiers and common points of interest that you can list. Those in the know in a given group often say–explicitly or implicitly–“you either get it or you don’t.” There’s also the old “if you have … Continue reading Genes and Memes 1: Getting It