Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt

Direct YouTube Link Also available on BitChute   -Alternate Ways to Shop and vote with your wallet: The I Buy American website compiles American brands. There are other list sites like this out there…   — -The ad:   -JF has stats that refute the mainstream narrative about police singling out black people etc.:   — Article Version: The poisons, the untenable aspects, the imminent danger, of … Continue reading Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt

It’s Up to You to Change Crap Culture

  Boys being treated like broken girls…women trying to remain girls forever…your TV and your social media directing you towards the inane and the banal. Feeling adrift? It’s not necessarily you…it’s the culture. Start digging deep, it’s time for a change, and it’s not coming from the culture already in place. This is the third video on “cultural and aesthetic red pills.” The notes for … Continue reading It’s Up to You to Change Crap Culture