The Last Blonde | Skit

*Due to the nature of social media video platforms where I and my colleagues deal with regular censorship and de-personing, please see the Shows and Vids  pages on this site for any updates, especially if you are seeing broken links on this current post. ~ We’re having fun out here. The first in a new venture: comedic skits wrecking mainstream trends, narratives, and assumptions. Take the regime’s ridiculousness and … Continue reading The Last Blonde | Skit

Jeff Winston of White Art Collective | THE AFTER PARTY, No White Guilt

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.    Direct YouTube Link     For this episode of The After Party, we spoke with Jeff Winston, who finds and presents musicians and artists from the movement for white wellbeing. His site and YouTube channel is called White Art Collective.   ~Topics of this discussion included~ -The markers of the European spirit in art, and what Jeff is … Continue reading Jeff Winston of White Art Collective | THE AFTER PARTY, No White Guilt

Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt

Direct BitChute Link   -Alternate Ways to Shop and vote with your wallet: The I Buy American website compiles American brands. There are other list sites like this out there…   — -The ad:   -JF has stats that refute the mainstream narrative about police singling out black people etc.:   — Article Version: The poisons, the untenable aspects, the imminent danger, of globalism and the multi-cultural … Continue reading Take a Seat: Kaepernick, Nike, #JustBurnIt

It’s Up to You to Change Crap Culture

  Boys being treated like broken girls…women trying to remain girls forever…your TV and your social media directing you towards the inane and the banal. Feeling adrift? It’s not necessarily you…it’s the culture. Start digging deep, it’s time for a change, and it’s not coming from the culture already in place. This is the third video on “cultural and aesthetic red pills.” The notes for … Continue reading It’s Up to You to Change Crap Culture