The Last Blonde (Skype Skit)

  We’re having fun out here. The first in a new venture: comedic skits wrecking mainstream trends, narratives, and assumptions. Take the regime’s ridiculousness and throw that back in its face. I’ve been wanting to create culture jamming material for some time. We need to be on the offensive about these things.   — Featuring Philosophicat & Jared George Written by Jared George Edited by … Continue reading The Last Blonde (Skype Skit)

Jeff Winston of White Art Collective | THE AFTER PARTY, No White Guilt

For this episode of The After Party, we spoke with Jeff Winston, who finds and presents musicians and artists from the movement for white wellbeing. His site and YouTube channel is called White Art Collective. Topics of this discussion included: -The markers of the European spirit in art, and what Jeff is looking to foster -Balancing old and new, tradition and innovation -The anti-whites and … Continue reading Jeff Winston of White Art Collective | THE AFTER PARTY, No White Guilt

The Mainstream and The Fringes

Video presentation is below — We hear much talk today about tearing down the old, and/or giving voice to those outside of the fold, outside of the established, traditional elements of a society. There’s always going to be a bell curve in how traits and drives are distributed. This applies to both personal characteristics within individuals, as well as those traits disseminated throughout the wider … Continue reading The Mainstream and The Fringes