10/10/2018 This Week on the Alt Right #FreeWoes

We went live right as everyone was tweeting out the #FreeWoes hashtag on Twitter in support of Millennial Woes. He was banned from Twitter for writing a statistic. Meanwhile users with “blue checkmark accounts” verified by Twitter openly spew hatred and vitriol towards people of European descent. Woes joins for a bit at 1:01:00. Our guest for the entirety of the show was Dancing Dove. … Continue reading 10/10/2018 This Week on the Alt Right #FreeWoes

Processed Food, Processed Life

  What happens when you synthetically separate components that need to be ingested and made sense of as a whole–whether on the level of food or morality? This is the second video on “cultural and aesthetic red pills.” The notes for this video were originally prepared for the following: On 11/15/17 I was on a livestream, hosted by The Motley Discourse. We went back and … Continue reading Processed Food, Processed Life