Processed Food, Processed Life

  What happens when you synthetically separate components that need to be ingested and made sense of as a whole–whether on the level of food or morality? This is the second video on “cultural and aesthetic red pills.” The notes for this video were originally prepared for the following: On 11/15/17 I was on a livestream, hosted by Kef on his YT channel, The Motley … Continue reading Processed Food, Processed Life

Interview With Rad Russ

(Direct YouTube Link)   I was pleased to take part in my first interview, a Google Hangout live stream, on October 18, 2017. I was invited on to RadRuss’ channel, another YouTuber who is fairly new as of the recording. In our lead up communications to the broadcast, and during the broadcast itself, Russ was an utmost professional and gentleman. He also clearly dove deeply … Continue reading Interview With Rad Russ