Is Now Not the Time for Cultural/Artistic Creation?

  Enemies at the gates, traitors from within…is it self-indulgent to be advocating for new arts and culture right now? This is the fourth of five videos based off a recent livestream I participated in. The first three vids were about “cultural and aesthetic red pills.” This one and the final one take a more positive stance on the role arts and cultural creation, and … Continue reading Is Now Not the Time for Cultural/Artistic Creation?

Interview With Rad Russ

(Direct YouTube Link)   I was pleased to take part in my first interview, a Google Hangout live stream, on October 18, 2017. I was invited on to RadRuss’ channel, another YouTuber who is fairly new as of the recording. In our lead up communications to the broadcast, and during the broadcast itself, Russ was an utmost professional and gentleman. He also clearly dove deeply … Continue reading Interview With Rad Russ

Genes and Memes 1: Getting It

(Direct YouTube Link) The first in a series. Some of these thoughts were spurned on by Stefan Molyneux’s “The Unspoken Biology of Culture.” Being part of something goes beyond mere identifiers and common points of interest that you can list. Those in the know in a given group often say–explicitly or implicitly–“you either get it or you don’t.” There’s also the old “if you have … Continue reading Genes and Memes 1: Getting It