Poseidon on His Recent Hits | The After Party

  Poseidon returns to The After Party after being very productive on his own channel during the spring of 2019. Topics of this episode included: -His reasons behind new approaches to YouTube videos. -School indoctrination, women in school and workforce, and connections to birth rates. -The shared genetics of Europeans and their varying recipes. -UN documents and the replacement migration plan. -The two pronged attack … Continue reading Poseidon on His Recent Hits | The After Party

Appearance on Verbo Tempestas

  I spoke with Rory and Kaiser on their show, Verbo Tempestas, on February 28, 2019. Topics included: -positivity and wellness in the online movement -the next wave of people who will be open to white-positive messaging -ethno-culture -meditation -genetic proximity and the effect the European migrant invasion had on us and more…   Direct YouTube Link   — Interview and Public Appearance Disclaimer Opinions, … Continue reading Appearance on Verbo Tempestas