Review of Victories | After Hours

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.      Direct YouTube Link Direct BitChute Link     The TAP 2nd year birthday stream from a few days prior was such a parade of positive activity, we decided to use this episode of After Hours to assess some of what we and our community had created or supported  in the past year, roughly … Continue reading Review of Victories | After Hours


Though the bulk of my content right now is videos, I do write articles as well. Below are the links to articles, with the most recent at the top. For the Foundations articles, a series of nine essays that lay out a framework for my perspective, please click here.   Regular Articles List: Last Message to the West | Published digitally on Counter-Currents and Defend Evropa and … Continue reading Articles

The Prosperity Paradox– Escaping Apathy | ARTICLE

“If you can cut the people off from their history, then they can be easily persuaded.”– Karl Marx How do we escape the cycle of having our prosperity and comfort in the West/European civilizations lead to weakness and vulnerability? This is a sentiment being raised by many sources, one that is crucial to consider. I’ll just provide a general response to that question here, as … Continue reading The Prosperity Paradox– Escaping Apathy | ARTICLE