Livestream: Sheer Nonsense with the Great Order-Carolyn Emerick

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Don’t be *fooled* by the title. Some meaty discussion including:

-The white spiritual seeker problem 

-Modern fracture of consciousness vs holistic living

-My intro to nationalism through a folkish search 

-Left / right dichotomy and misperceptions of young people being sold leftism

-Personal anecdotes and family stories

-Approaching others cultures, and class/the body politic within your own

-I’m asked by audience about my spiritual side, the forest, ritual 

-Health, autoimmune disorders manifesting in more sensitive types of people, the idea of being an empath

-Why creative people like to work at night, Germanic culture and focus on nighttime 

-European phenotypes

-American rushing/ rat race culture

-DNA tests 

-YouTube Bans 

-My T-shirts 

-Pronunciation and language 

-The online movement 

Starting around 2:10:00 Carolyn and and I get increasingly silly with the live chat. 

Guess you had to be there!


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