PhilosophiCat on Traditional Order | TAP

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.  Direct YouTube Link Direct BitChute Link  or listen in audio-only podcast form on Spreaker.   Philosophicat returns to discuss her series on Julius Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World, and esoteric notions of traditional order, which run very counter to modern worldviews and assumptions. This episode of TAP is particularly a good addendum to this … Continue reading PhilosophiCat on Traditional Order | TAP

In The Deep with Semiogogue | ILNS

Direct BitChute Link   This is becoming a thing… Intimate shows reminiscent of late night radio. Nothing was planned. Here Semiogogue and I discuss all manner of subjects including: -astrology -numerology -esoteric understandings of male-female dynamics -the West’s susceptibilities for being more drawn to this male-female balance -castes, or types of people -how Oliver met his frequent video partner, Tim Rudisill and more… Continue reading In The Deep with Semiogogue | ILNS