You Didn’t Earn Your Race, So No Pride?!

  Part 1:  Direct BitChute Link     Part 2 (Published Dec 20, 2017):    Direct BitChute Link   “How can you be proud of something you didn’t earn/accomplish completely on your own?” We see this question posed often. These videos from Jared explore how the question itself reveals the disjointed state of modern people, and how you ultimately cannot step outside of … Continue reading You Didn’t Earn Your Race, So No Pride?!

Processed Food, Processed Life

  What happens when you synthetically separate components that need to be ingested and made sense of as a whole–whether on the level of food or morality? This is the second video on “cultural and aesthetic red pills.” The notes for this video were originally prepared for the following: On 11/15/17 I was on a livestream, hosted by The Motley Discourse. We went back and … Continue reading Processed Food, Processed Life