James Fox Higgins | TAP

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.    Direct YouTube Link Direct BitChute Link   Australia’s James Fox Higgins joins to discuss his journey into the sphere for white wellbeing, the primacy of language in shaping narrative and undoing harm, his entrepreneurial ventures in music, publishing, and building a video-on-demand platform and social media site, the return of virtuous ideals in the … Continue reading James Fox Higgins | TAP

TGO | NWG | White Art Collective Joins | ILNS

Direct BitChute Link   A stream that naturally evolved into a late night radio-style show with an engaged audience who stayed up with us till after 2am in our time zone, and some indeed from around the world. We discuss male-female dynamics, the loss of social fabric, community building, art and culture, and more.   Citizen Shane proved to be our first ever “chat-in” as … Continue reading TGO | NWG | White Art Collective Joins | ILNS